I'm a Designer specialised in prototyping new digital strategies

I love bringing an to life

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Senior Interaction Designer IXDS, Berlin

Working with other designers and engineers
to create beautiful products that meet real user needs

Designed a scan-and-go service for Rambus in 2018

The Universal Payment System , is a white label app that stores can customise to fit their needs. It allows shoppers to scan products and pay in-app, bypassing queues and saving money. The app was exhibited at Mobile World Congress in 2018 and is currently being piloted at stores worldwide.

Created a chatbot for refugees and a CMS to maintain it in 2016

Refugee Text is an award-winning service that delivers critical information on asylum procedures in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In 2016, the Refugee Text team collaborated with UNHCR Northern Europe to design and build a similar chatbot for their website. This chatbot handles dozens of requests from refugees daily.

Re-designed a legendary Irish music venue in 2018

Together with two architects, we redesigned Connolly's of Leap – an iconic music venue in County Cork, Ireland. Our design-driven process was a unique entry to the competition, which led to it receiving an Honorable Mention by BeeBreeders Judges. The judges commended the physical interventions we made to the space, as well as the digital strategy for the future that we proposed for the venue.

Helped organisations research, build and test new ideas from 2016 to 2018

As part of both my freelance and agency career, I've worked with a wide variety of clients from the Healthcare and Financal sectors, to Humanitarian Organisations, and Start-Ups. I've facilitated workshops and design sprints, and led teams through complex project plans. From time to time I speak at Design/Tech conferences, and mentor design students.


Master's Student CIID, Copenhagen

Hands-on learning with designers from all over the

Created a Music Therapy device for parents of children with Autism in 2015

Jam Blocks are a musical toy, designed to bring music therapy into the home. They allow parents to develop their child’s social communication skills, through a range of musical, open-play games.

Built a radio that delivers news from different perspectives in 2015

Juliet is a radio designed for the ‘object-oriented home of the future’. She scans the internet for news, from a variety of sources; newspapers, news sites and social networks. Using speech to text algorithms, she broadcasts the news, starting first with confirmed facts, followed by the altnernative sides of the same story from different news sources.

Created a civic engagement app for the City of Copenhagen in 2015

Shape Copenhagen engages residents of Copenhagen in a dialogue with their city administrators. It is a channel of communication for both sides, to exchange ideas on city issues such as urban development processes, Smart City initiatives, and integration programs. This Detailed Project Report outlines key insights from the research.


English Teacher and Musician between 2011 and 2014

I 'd my time working with students in both France and Japan.
It also gave me a chance to travel the world.

Taught high-school English in Japan from 2012-2014

My students ranged in age from 12-18. My experience in the classroom still serves me well these days when it comes to facilitating workshops, leading Design Sprints, and generally making things understandable.

Toured Vietnam on a motorbike in 2013

Travelling through Vietnam was an inspiring and humbling experience. I fell in love with the food, as well as the people and the landscapes. I hope to return there some day.

Played live concerts since 2011

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I've played piano since I was 10 years of age and continue to play Jazz piano today. My background as a musician continues to feed my career as a musician every day – from my approach to learning, presentation, to considerations about form, and harmony in digital products. I'm extremly interested in the crossover between these two disciplines. I also play saxophone and some traditional Irish instruments.


B.A. in Music and French at Trinity College, Dublin

My interest in is what led me towards a career in the creative industry.